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Thula Mama is an informal choir I run for parents and parents to be.  We sing simple songs from around the world in easy to grasp harmonies: rounds, chants and lullabies. No experience is necessary. Both the sound of a mother’s or father’s voice and the frequencies created by harmony singing are proven to be incredibly soothing for babies, starting from when they’re in the womb. The class has also proven to be a nourishing experience for new parents and a lovely chance to meet others at the same stage as you. This class is ideal for ‘bumps to twelve months’ or until your baby can still be held and fed. I started running it when I was six months pregnant with my second baby and loved it so much that I carried on when she got too big to run it with me!

Please note these classes can fill up. I advise you turn up 10 minutes before the class is due to start.

Listen: Bright Morning Star

Listen: Ola Mama

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Along with all my other projects I wanted to make more music accessible to people who might not otherwise hear it.  When I discovered Helen Yeomans’ franchise this seemed like the perfect thing to do while I was busy being a mother.  Both my son and daughter love the songs.

I have discovered that the mixture of my choral training at university and my experience as a piano teacher has meant that teaching a choir has come very naturally to me.