Hello and welcome to my website.

My aim, through my role as performer, teacher, curator and workshop leader is to bring people and communities together and create happiness through music.

Photo: Aline David

My own musical journey began with bedtime songs. My dad sung me to sleep with songs by Cole Porter, The Beatles, Kinks, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell and Billie Holiday with a bit of Frank Sinatra, The Who, Motown and The Rolling Stones thrown in.

Therefore when I came to the piano age six starting with Bach and Mozart I already had a pretty eclectic taste in music. My mum’s joint love of classical and jazz and later the folk music of England, Georgia and The Balkans meant I attended a lot of very different gigs.

Growing up in my mum’s world of theatre and dance I also experienced music as programmatic and saw how it could be performed in many different contexts outside the concert hall leading me to design my own performance projects starting when I was still at school.

Music is a language.  A universal one that everyone can speak.  I believe it should be the common language of all children in schools and all communities where ethnicity is diverse.  But in a world where pop music dominates and where many people’s only experience of classical music was their struggling school orchestra or the frightening grade exams their teacher put them through I consider it my role to show people just how beautiful, fun, creative and engaging all forms of music can be.  This website will explain a bit about how I do this,

Thanks for reading,

Holly Cullen-Davies